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    Purchased the new RS RSK-600 Reefer skimmer for my RSM S400. When I went to install I noticed that the old C Skim is sitting on a shelf. Per a responds for customer support I left the shelf in and placed the new Skimmer on top. The problem I am having is the water level isn't high enough to fully support the skimmer. The bubbles rise to within one inch of the new skimmer reaction chamber. The water level in the sump is about 12 inches. Anyone install RSK-600 and had a similar issue. I see three possible solution. I can removed the self, increase the level of the water in Sump or build a new shelf.
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    Just take the shelf out and sit it on the bottom it’s fine.

    I have the NYOS 160 as do a few of us and I actually just cut the plastic shelf down to size so it fits on the bottom for a bit more noise suppression and then sit the NYOS on that. Then you can set the water level at the standard around 9 inches I think it’s at. Or just take the shelf out completely

    It sounds like someone at RS doesn’t know what their talking about
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