Rekkie's Reefer 450


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Hi All,

I thought i would start a new thread with the recent upgrade from the modified RSM250.

The RSM250 was a great tank and so is the Reefer, all i can hear with the 450 is the MP10 and the MCE500 skimmer.

The skimmer in the sump is just audible compared to the 250 where i couldn't close the top cover making it alot louder.

It was getting a bit crammed though after 5 years and had to give stuff away to friends so thought it was time for an upgrade. All the LR is basically in the same position as it was in the 250 but with more space between them now.

New Sand Bed

RSM just before transfer



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The Clown pair have started laying eggs again,

My wife and I tried a good few times to raise the fry but had issues getting the fry to stay alive after a few days and I had no Green water for the first 24 hour period.

The last batch we actually got a few eggs off the rock as they were hatching with a turkey baster and then used Reefsnow initially then BBS and few managed to survive past day 7 but only one past the last stage and you can see him in the below pic.

We haven't tried again though as it is not easy, this was around mid January this year.


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Buying NSW and RO topup for the reefer was to much to often as my evaporation is close to 8 liters or more a day. I used to get 100l every 3 weeks from the LFS, 25 RO water and 75 NSW which lasted three weeks with the RSM250. With the Reefer 450 this changed to 50l of RO water and 50l of NSW every week.

I decided to invest in a RODI unit and build a mixing station to make life a little easier. I copied the design from a Reefer on an Australian website using local supplies.

Fresh RODI water into the left 100l tank and then when needed this is pumped into the right tank with a few valve changes. Once full i then circulate the water in the right mixing tank and it mixes the salt at the bottom via the PVC pipe bends and water flow. I then open and close a few valves and this pumps straight out of the right salt tank to the room where my tank is to do a SW change.

So much easier than carting 50l of RO and 50l of NSW from the LFS every week.


JoePa lives on!!!
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Awesome! It has been a long time - welcome back! The tank looks great and glad to see it still running!