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Discussion in 'Vendor/Seller Feedback' started by Oceanic815, Jan 25, 2010.

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    So here is a run down of my reeftopia rock order.

    I ordered 80 pounds of their Live Rock under Lot Prices.

    Fed Ex has the weight @ 32 pounds total for 2 box's, 16 pounds Each
    (Reeptopia & Local Fedex work something out to save money on shipping by paying a lower weight rate) Which as my posting in the other reeftopia thread shows caused a lot of confusion.

    Good News!!!

    Rock arrives it is 80 pounds :)

    Here is the kicker..

    7 days in transit from Florida to Washington (Was not given the option to expedite the shipment for extra $$$) If I had the option I would of gone 2 - 3 day.

    So I get the rock and it is some of the worst looking live/dead rock I have seen. Some pieces are absolutly solid with no holes or pores anywhere just typical rock you find in your yard turned into aquacultured rock.

    If you read the fine print under their live rock section you will notice that it is mostly small pieces. Roughly 4 or 5 pieces that I would consider decent size pieces.

    All the time it spent in transit has killed what I would consider most everything. With live rock you never know what can live so I could be wrong. Some of the rock does have BRIGHT pink algae so all is not a loss. I would strongly advise to look elsewhere if you want decent "show room" quality. You get what you pay for and with these guys and it is not quality.

    They put the live rock in a plastic bag which is then placed into a styrofoam container. None of the live rock is covered in wet newspaper or anything done to attempt to keep the inverts alive. There was no water at all in the bag (can not blame them there). It seemed like they knew everything would die so they made no attempt to keep any of the critters alive.

    My brother has ordered livestock from them flawlessly so keep their livestock and live rock reviews seperate.

    I was the guniea pig on the live rock. I will be using roughly 10 - 20 pounds of this live rock the rest I am going to put in the garden.

    Buyer Beware with their live rock... Make sure to call and talk to someone on the phone if you decide to place an order with them to make sure you get something set up to expedite the shipping if you want critters with your rock.

    Overall I'm personally dissatified with my reeftopia rock order. I cheaped out and got what I paid for.

    The staff I spoke with are very friendly and reassuring. I would recommend their live stock but avoid their live rock unless you want smaller size pieces of garden quality aquacultured rock.
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    well it sounds like you had your hands full. not sure about the shipping rate as you suggested.. was there a new person in the office who might've put the weight in wrong?
    Your posting is from January and weather is bad during that time frame. I dont know why people cant take that into consideration when ordering across the states. they think just cuase they ordered it, their package should be there the next day! plus their website shows its a dense rock so if you're used to buying Fiji rock which by the way is NOT densed then you're dense thinking you're getting the same type of rock.

    since there was no more posting it appears your end result is that you're happy with your live rock.

    YEAH.. :nekid:

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