Red Sea Pro salt vs blue bucket salt review


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I’ve been using red sea salts from day 1 for my red sea max nano tank. I finished off a 22kg bucket of the coral pro salt and then switched to blue bucket salt and I’ve been using it for more than 1 year now.

I started my tank as a LPS reef tank 2 years ago, I was very happy to use the pro salt. As a beginner, I didn’t use a dosing pump. Thanks to pro salt’s elevated level of foundation elements and high alkalinity, with 10% water change every week, I was able to keep up the parameters and my LPS love it. I can easily manage my tank without a dosing pump back then.


After the first year, my tank was mature and I decided to put some SPS. With the increasing numbers of SPS, I found out that I can’t keep up the parameters just changing water every week. I started to use a dosing pump and I decided to drop my alkalinity level from 12 to 8 for the mix reef system. That’s when I switched from red sea pro purple bucket to red sea salt blue bucket. I have to say that I am impressed by the quality control of Red Sea. My test result always matches results. The salt is easy to dissolve and mix. My sps are showing great growth. I am very happy with the salts.