Pico overflow...


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Hello team!

I am in the process of building a pico sps reef out of a fluval spec v.

The plan is to convert an old dresser into a stand and home for a 10-20 gallon refugium. I was initially going to go with a canister, but the fuge seem like a far better route.

With that in mind my current issue would be a nano/pico overflow. Mame make a darn nice glass one, but the cost is close to $200.

Can you gurus point me in the right direction of any other options?


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If this were a larger tank and not tempered glass, I'd say drill it, but with a small tank bumping into a bulkhead fitting can easily break the glass.

For an external siphon overflow, I'd go with a Lifereef overflow. I use a large version on my 125 gal reef, since that tank can't be drilled. You can see Lifereef overflows here (offsite) - http://www.lifereef.com/siphon.html Go down the page a bit to find the nano overflows. If you really need something special, give them a call, as they will do custom work.

If your not going to go that route, shop very carefully. A lot of other overflows even some from "famous brands" have inherent design defects that will lead to a flood. Be especially cautious about any overflow that recommends a small pump, such as an aqua lifter to keep it working.

As for the Mame overflow, I admit the I have never tried it. As you found out, iy is extremely expensive. In looking at all those glass parts I wouldn't trust it, and if your cleaning it and break it, you are done. This it the sort of overflow the planted tank people like when they don't want any gear to show.


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Thanks man! I just shot them an email about potentially doing a custom fab for my dinky little tank.

However, the more and more I am reading, part of me is now leaning towards buying a 25gallon drum to mix and store water for a WC routine.

I found a dinky little limewood skimmer that will fit in the back compartments, and I could run a 100-200 gph canister as well.