October 2011 POTM Contest


The Wand Geek was here. ;)
:) It's photo contest time again so start uploading your photos!

October's contest theme will be "Full Tank Photo" !! Let's see your full tank photos! Reef tank, fish only, etc...

Please review the entry regulations below and have fun!!
1) ONE photo per contestant,

2) No heavily photoshopped photos are allowed. The photos should be as raw/normal/untouched as possible. Minimal editing such as cropping, brightness/contrast adjustments, and resizing are acceptable.

3) Photo subject matter must be from the member's tank (or household tank).

4) Photos that have previously won any other contest are not allowed,

5) Past winners will be ineligible from entering future contests for a period of six (6) months - let's give other a chance to win.

6) Photos MUST be uploaded to the October 2011 POTM Contest Gallery by midnight (EST) October 29th.
Sorry, no moderators allowed to participate in this contest.

A voting poll for all uploaded photos will be available after the upload deadline date.

NOTE: Only photos uploaded into the photo gallery will be included in the voting poll! October 2011 POTM Contest Gallery


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Just got mine uploaded thought Id post it on here too