New Tank for Seahorses! (First time)

Ryan Matthews

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Thank you guys. Ok... so our aiptasia died AFTER we took out our filefish who was getting too friendly with our snails (ie turning them over and eating them).... Saw the aiptasia in full bloom this morning.. this evening its gone and I found this guy for the first time in the tank.. i know he's a type of crab... not sure which type. Any guesses?

This ones a little blurry because its zoomed in to the max...

A few minutes law... we saw THIS for the first time... and "blew" him out of a the crack with a little bit of air.. came easily actually... is this some type of anenome or something else? It's bright pink with tenticles on the base, looks tube like.... Any insight? He is still in the mesh in the water, waiting for an ID before we decide what to do with him. Thanks!

Thanks for checking!

Ryan Matthews

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Here is my latest Tank pic

recently added (got from a reef swap)
- orange/red finger sponge
- 1 orange tree gorgonian
- 1 rusty gorgonian

What do you guys think? I currently am feeding this stuff marine snow, every 3-4 days a little mysis shrimp, and just picked up some reef frenzy to feed just a little. My questions are these: should I be adding trace elements to the tank at this point? I've been suggested this by a couple people, but wonder what you all think. Also, any tips for maintaining the sponges? I acclimated him for several hours using a drip WITHOUT ANY air exposure... and so far he looks great. Any tips for keeping him "happy"?

Seahorses are still a month or so away until stock is replenished at oceanrider. Any other ideas/tips for the tank?



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looking great - one tip don't overfeed reef frenzy... a tiny bit is good, a but more is a start on cyano, I feed it on occasion & learned this tip the hard way ;)