NEW 140 Gallon Reef, LI NY Still laying out plan and looking for opinions.

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    Still making final decisions on items. I want to go as large as possible in the location I have chosen, (64x25x**)

    I will keep updated Photos of its construction and development over the next few months.

    I plan on using Country Critters in Patchogue NY as my LFS. I have not visited Brians tropical in rocky point. (i am in southampton NY.)

    So far the deep Sea aquatics 140 leads the pack. 60x20x27. The cabinets are a higher quality than the others I have seen. DSA has not responded to an email I have sent if they are using starphire glass and how much to put the overflow in the corner.

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW OF ANY GOOD ALTERNATIVES USING StarPHIRE GLASS preferable size of 64x24x30 with a quality cabinet. Need back side visible since viewing is on 4 sides. I wish Oceanic was still in business . Aqueon doesn't have right sizes

    Aquavim's room divider would be a GREAT choice considering we will be able to see the back of the aquarium, but I have heard from three sources that room divider series has a bad track record of failing. last guy I spoke to has installed 40 and 2 have failed. Not great odds.

    I am putting an oversized sump and refugium in the basement. It's a complicated plumbing solution running pipes under cabinets and making a blind corner, but I think it will be worth it.

    I will be setting up a QT on the floor next to the DS for the kids to crawl up to and look at. Thinking about going with a hex 35 or 55. Any opinions on size for a QT? The space is about 26x24

    These are the specs that I am planning.

    2 or 3 Kessil a360w
    2 Wavepoint led moon strips

    Heater and Chiller ? undecided

    Iwaki Pump
    Koralia Wavemaker
    Koralia Powerheads

    Not sure on what lightingfor reef sump w refugium

    Protein Skimmers Like the idea of two if I can fit them.
    Live rock
    A mix of fiji white Florida reef.
    Deep sand Bed- Live sand or Silica undecided. Not sure if going with plenum.

    RO/DI in basement with float switches. Still picking out brand.
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