Need help with install of an Aqueon Megaflow overflow kit.

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    I just purchased an Aqueon Megaflow Overflow kit, Aqueon part number 29251. I would like to know how far apart I need to drill the holes for the bulkheads, and how far from the edge of the tank they should be on my acrylic tank. Also, if anyone knows where I can get a curved center mount overflow box for it, or have any suggestions on how to make one (spacing and size of the inlet teeth), I could make one by heating and molding acrylic sheet. Any help on this topic would be GREATLY appreciated as I do not want to screw up my new acrylic tank! The tank dimensions, if needed are 48" L X 13 W X 21 H. Thank you all so much for any help you could give me.

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    Before you do anything, first read up on the different types of overflows that can be built and how they work. See this link (offsite) - Consider building a Herbie overflow or a Bean Animal Overflow, since these are noted got being almost silent. You also might want to consider a different overflow installation, such as this one (offsite link) - Note how the space use inside the tank is far less invasive, an important consideration when you tank is only 13" wide.

    Since you have an acrylic tank, it's very easy to construct any kind of overflow you want, and it's very easy to drill the tank. So you need not be limited to what the Aqueon Mega Overflow Kit wants you to do. In fact, you may even wish to return the kit and build all this yourself, since you can have a lot more options, especially as to size of the plumbing. All of the parts you need can easily be purchased from places like Lowes or Home Depot, or online.

    As a for example, you could install the overflow at one end of the tank and the return at the other. You also don't need to drill the tank for the return, and can plumb that over the rim of the tank. One less hole to drill and point of failure.

    If you are going to drill the tank, and since it's acrylic, make the hole spacing greater than you see in glass tanks. Other than that, spacing isn't that much of a factor.

    Lastly since your working with acrylic, do not use silicon rubber to install the overflow box. Silicon rubber sticks very poorly to acrylic. You need to use an acrylic glue such as Weldon 4.
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