Need help with install of an Aqueon Megaflow overflow kit.

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    Learn about stainless steel sinks, porcelain and artificial stone
    Stainless steel sinks, porcelain sinks and artificial stone sinks are the three most popular dishwashers today. The specialty of the sink is not movable, so for that reason you need to make a careful choice because it has a great influence on the daily life of you and your family. Which option is the best? Let's get to know each other.
    Sink stainless steel
    This is the most popular and most widely used pot in the past. Pot has the advantage of high durability, easy to clean and suitable for many kitchen space.

    The use of stainless steel pot completely gives you peace of mind because it almost does not cause any trouble for you. Except that if you use hard water, the pot will be lime scale, dull in use. The price of stainless steel sink is also varied and depending on the product ranges from a few hundred thousand to several million.

    Porcelain sink
    This is the choice for those who want to bring their family a colorful kitchen space. Use a kitchen sink for the kitchen to become clean, polished and luxurious. With easy cleaning, quick cleaning is also a great advantage for people to choose to use it. The price of porcelain sinks compared to other sinks is reasonable.

    However, since it is made of porcelain, the biggest drawback is that they are prone to breakage and scratches if subjected to strong impacts. Every time it is so easy to be dangerous, the aesthetics of the entire kitchen and it will also be expensive if repaired or replaced.

    Artificial stone sink
    Artificial stone sinks are made of artificial stone material to make your kitchen space more luxurious and modern. Produced on advanced technology with raw materials mainly from artificial stone powder, not welding and no joints to ensure aesthetic as well as high safety.

    The first criteria that each person when using the sink is safe food ratings first. And products made of artificial stone completely meet that requirement. The artificial stone sink is not toxic to the user, it meets the requirements of food hygiene. Artificial stone itself is a pore-free material that does not allow water or dust to penetrate into the crack, helping to remove mold and bacteria.

    As well as porcelain sinks, the stone pot is also waterproof, does not stain, does not stick to grease or mold and is easy to clean ...... help the obsession about cleaning the kitchen is reduced pressure. For that reason, the cost of artificial stone pots is therefore more expensive, the price difference is very high compared to other materials, priced at several million for a product. This is also a consideration when shopping for consumers with low average income.

    In the modern kitchen space, every product or item has its own personality. Artificial stone sinks not only create their own individuality in a combination of durable texture and softness of bending details.

    Here are some of the advantages of artificial stone sinks for you to choose.
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    Before you do anything, first read up on the different types of overflows that can be built and how they work. See this link (offsite) - Consider building a Herbie overflow or a Bean Animal Overflow, since these are noted got being almost silent. You also might want to consider a different overflow installation, such as this one (offsite link) - Note how the space use inside the tank is far less invasive, an important consideration when you tank is only 13" wide.

    Since you have an acrylic tank, it's very easy to construct any kind of overflow you want, and it's very easy to drill the tank. So you need not be limited to what the Aqueon Mega Overflow Kit wants you to do. In fact, you may even wish to return the kit and build all this yourself, since you can have a lot more options, especially as to size of the plumbing. All of the parts you need can easily be purchased from places like Lowes or Home Depot, or online.

    As a for example, you could install the overflow at one end of the tank and the return at the other. You also don't need to drill the tank for the return, and can plumb that over the rim of the tank. One less hole to drill and point of failure.

    If you are going to drill the tank, and since it's acrylic, make the hole spacing greater than you see in glass tanks. Other than that, spacing isn't that much of a factor.

    Lastly since your working with acrylic, do not use silicon rubber to install the overflow box. Silicon rubber sticks very poorly to acrylic. You need to use an acrylic glue such as Weldon 4.
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