My socks are too clean

Discussion in 'General Reef Aquarium Discussion' started by Basile, Apr 20, 2017.

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    My socks are filthy, but i think i know why. Most of the gunk is i think what i'm dosing, (reef Roy, fauna marine for filter feeders, etc) i feel like i'm wasting all my dosing supplements into them.

    besides the skimmer is doing a great job with dry skimmate . What do you think should i take out the socks to prevent over filtering and thus wasting my money or should i leave them in. I'm also concerned about my pods ending in them too.
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    There aren't any filter socks in the ocean ;)

    I think filter socks are best used intermittently, when high particulate count merits them. Leaving them in all the time tends to cause decay in the contents that are caught, releasing unwanted toxins in the water. Naturally, filter socks are a "filter feed" competing with your other livestock, so that isn't exactly good for your fish or your wallet.

    I used them for years in several of my personal aquariums, and have since switched to a relatively coarse open cell foam (which is cleaned every other day). Much more stable aquariums without the socks stinking things up (pun might be intended).

    If I were you, try experimenting without them for a few weeks and see what happens.

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    You can do two possible things. The first is to remove the socks, as @StevesLEDs suggests. The other is to turn off the filtration system when you are feeding.

    As for the pods ending up in filter socks. this does happen but it's not a problem. Pods can usually live ok in the filter sock. Of course you'll loose them when you change the sock, but you likely would loose them anyway once you run them through the skimmer and return pump.

    Currently I don't use filter socks on my tank. However, I can go either way. I have sort of a love / hate relationship with them. I like how they filter fairly fine material out, but they are a pain to change and clean every week. I do find my skimmer picks up a lot more particulate matter with out the socks.
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