HELP! My Clownfish is Broken

Hello RS. I have two clownfish: a platinum percula and an ocellaris. They had stopped fighting several months ago, but they've started fighting again. Except... it's not really fighting, it's more like the ocellaris attempting to beat up the percula and failing.

I've been ignoring it for the past week because no major harm was being done, but this morning things started getting pretty violent. I woke up to see an angry ocellaris clown destroying the percula. The percula was beat up so bad that all it could do was lay on the sandbed while it got attacked. I (slowly and gently) caught the percula with a net and placed it in a rubbermaid container that I attached to the tank's wall with a clip. I put in a small whisper filter (made for freshwater Betta tanks) for circulation and a PVC tunnel for a hiding spot.

6 hours later, the percula is looking pretty bad. Its fins are frayed (but not completely destroyed) and it's laying on its side barely breathing.

Edit: The percula was perfectly healthy until this morning.

What should I do???
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When a clown gets beat up this bad there isn't much you can do beyond what you gave already done. I'd say it's unlikely to survive, but once and awhile you get lucky.

Keep an eye on it and hope.