Montipora Compatibility

Wondering if there is going to be any issues letting these 2 Monti Frags grow next to each other... Hoping that they'll graft or grown into each other but want to make sure 1 isn't harmful to the other in anyway... 1 is a Seasons Greetings Frag and the other is Red (Orange/Coral Colored) Frag that grows like a weed... The Red Monti has already grown into the other frag but seems to be moving around it... In the last pictures, you can see the red one almost looks damaged along the touching edge every morning and is fine by end of day... No white edge or damage along the edge of the green monti...

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Here’s is pic from the front of my tank of a red monti and a green monti facing the back of my tank. The red one is an in tank frag relocated to its current position.


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While it's unlikely the two corals will damage each other, they will compete for space as the get close. It this really what you want? Personally I'd move them a bit apart and keep the colonies separate. Sometimes they can get really large and nice. I'd rather have two nice corals than two that are somewhat distorted because they competed for space with each other.
Looks like they are doing well roll the dice and see if you win or lose we really do not know that much about what happens in the ocean or what really happens in your tank if conditions are right you may reach a well balanced system that will grow and become a small piece of the real ocean.