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Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry Forum' started by jrizo1, Jul 8, 2011.

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    ok my alkalinity is low so i have been dosing alkalinity daily 25ml for a 90 gal tank. i do an auto daily water change with a litter meter, 2 gal daily
    so i had 28 gal of salt water i divide that by 2 = 14 so i add 350 ml of alkalinity to that water that way there will be a 25 ml of alkalinity mix with every 2 gal of water but now the water is all white and milky
    should i use that water?
    what should i do ?
    help please.
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    I would generally recommend against creating saturated saltwater to dose with. If you need to dose the display tank, that's fine... but by over-dosing the water you're adding you're potentially making it chemically unstable causing things to precipitate out, hence the milky water.

    What salt mix are you using? If it is way off to the point where you have to dose newly mixed saltwater, you should probably switch to a better brand. If you need to dose the display, then dose the display. By dosing 28 gallons enough for 90 gallons however, you're throwing things WAY off chemically. From here, I would recommend 25%-40% water changes weekly or more frequently until things level out. Can you give us a little more info about your system? Inhabitants, filtration, etc.
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