Mason Dixon Reef Club Annual Summer Swap 06-01-2019

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This is our yearly swap that happens at "That Fish Place" in beautiful Lancaster Pennsylvania. The vendors have anything from live fish food, frag supplies, fish, and live corals that come in colors that can't even be described. There is the raffle that goes off at 4pm, and I am always impressed. We raffle off thousands of dollars worth of reef keeping supplies from major brands of many things from food to controllers and led lighting. I don't know what is in store for the raffle this year, but I guarantee it is going to be amazing.

In addition to the enjoyment of seeing 40+ individuals selling outrageous corals, it is at one of the largest pet stores in the country. This place is enormous. They have a petting pool for stingrays. They have a reptile room. There are dogs and cats. They have one of the best selections of fish tanks available also. I don't know how to describe "That Fish Place" other than to call it an experience in itself. It is twice the size of my grocery store.

This is something that you can bring the family to, and spend a whole day lost in a one of a kind store that has at least 2 of everything, including their own livestock. I think it is a great thing that they support the hobby by hosting us at their store. I think it says quite a bit about the hobby and the people who love it.

I am not elected official or an officer of this club. I am just a member letting everyone at Reef Sanctuary know about this event because I always have a great time, and spend quite a bit more than I want to every year. It is like a carnival for people who keep glass boxes full of ocean water in their house. I am not on facebook, and am too obtuse to even figure it out, but follow on facebook at the above link. Many of our members are active on our Facebook Book side of the club, and are much much more personable than I am.
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Just bumping this one time as a reminder that the swap is this Saturday. Everything I said previously still applies.