Looking to purchase ASAP Aquascape for my 90G Tanka a

Discussion in 'Vendor/Seller Feedback' started by Brad Bourgeois, Sep 6, 2016.

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    hello I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana where we just were flooded saw badly so many people lost everything they had. Can anyone point me in the right direction who,sells man made aquascapes with lots of shelves etc? I have a 90G 4'x18" tank I'd like to,get back up and running but need Aquascape. I'll pay top dollar. Please email me at bradbourgeois@cox.net or call me 1-225-931-9915 if you can help? I can do PayPal for friends so you won't get hit with any fees etc. attached are some I would be looking for:

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    While I realize you want to get the tank going again, I recommend you take your time on this. How you initially set up the tank effects everything from then on.

    I also suggest that you reconsider wanting these pre-made aquascapes. If you look at the pictures you posted, they have one thing in common. They all look very artificial.

    I think you'd be better off using either dry base rock or make your own agrocrete formations. Here is a link (offsite) on how to do that - http://www.garf.org/LEONELS/LeRoyS/rock.html

    Either way, you can then put the rock together anyway you want, an if needed build the internal structure you want or cement them together with silicone, Superglue Gel or epoxy.

    You'll get a much better looking tank, and you'll usually save some money.
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    This is something I have done a few times over the years, and it is a great way to create perfect shaped rocks that fit exactly what you need. Half of my 40 gallon is agrocrete, and 2 large rocks in my 90 are man-made as well. They cover with coraline no different than reef rock.

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