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Discussion in 'ReefSanctuary Tips and Tricks' started by skcarmen18, Dec 19, 2018.

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    Hello, My husband and I are just starting our SW journey and looking for any tips on equipment and what corals and fish to stay away from! Thanks in advance

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    Planning and educating yourselves is key to success. I have posted this before, and it's still the best advice I can give anyone new to the hobby -

    Standard Lecture #1 – Advice for people new to the hobby

    The very first thing you want to do, before you spend any money on equipment or livestock, is get yourself a few good books on state of the art reef systems. Then read and study them, so you have some idea about what your are doing.

    Here are two to start with -

    The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert Fenner
    The New Marine Aquarium by Michael Paleta <---This book has an especially good section on fish suited to someone starting off in the hobby.

    A note on the books. You can often find used copies at much lower prices at places like Amazon. In most cases these are going to be as good as new copies, especially when your first learning.

    This is information that you can not easily obtain from the net. While it's out there, it's all over the place, and there is a massive volume of information. There is also a lot of bad information out there.

    Once you get that done, plan or rethink your system. What do you want to keep? Do you have the necessary equipment? Do you have the knowledge to keep the livestock you want? Do you have the time to dedicate to keeping a system and it's livestock?

    Many salt water fish, corals and inverts often have very specific requirements. Some are extremely difficult to keep alive, even if you do everything right. Before you get anything, research it, and be sure it will work out in your system.

    Lastly, you will find that most LFS people are clueless when it comes to SW systems. Verify their advice, until they prove otherwise.
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