Just purchased RSM S-650 White

steve w

New Member
Hi all,
Im new-ish
I used to have a RSM 250 but sold up 5 yrs ago due to work commitments, anyhow, we are due to move house (new build) in March next year and i have just ordered my new tank for when we do move (Black friday Offer).
I have been out of the hobby for 5 yrs and Wow, it looks liek a lot has moved on. I was only ever small time and a beginner but i did love my tank back then. So looking forward to getting going in march however im scared to death at all the changes and extra equipment you are all buying.

One thing i could do with some advice on is, i have an opportunity to add sockets, water tap, waste outlet in teh area of where i am going to locate my tank. Has anybody got a waste outlet or water feed close by and if so, what waste fittings could i ask the developers to install? I am pretty useles at this so photos or links or good descriptions would be very much appreciated. I am thinking that i may be able to get the RO set up and all maintenance stuff in a cabinet next to my tank and then water changes can be simpler with waste being sent straight outside to drain location on other side of the wall.

I am meeting the developers tomorrow, so if i am going to try and get this feature added i need to act quick.

Oh id love to see a 650 set up if anybody knows somewhere that has one.....
Thanks very much Steve