HELP! Is my pistol shrimp capable of doing such a thing?


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Hey guys, I just want some opinions on this. I’ve bought multiple tailspot blennies by now, 3 to be exact and every single one vanishes without a trace with no other fish dying, and this most recent time I found him being eaten by my (full grown tiger) pistol shrimp, and yes i know, they are nearly blind and are scavengers so he could have already been dead. But it lead me to the conclusion he was the culprit, as the night the second one disappeared I heard a buttload of snapping, so is it possible all my blennies tried to rest in the burrow of the shrimp/goby and got murdered? Something else? Tested water before I moved the rock to look for the blenny and it came out with 8.2 pH and 0 everything else.

Only other things in my tank are a clownfish, barnacle blenny (who stays in rocks at the top of the column) and the wheeler goby that paired with my shrimp. Inverts are standard cuc stuff like blue legs and snails, plus a cleaner shrimp. Have a bubble tip too, but i have the body of the blenny and I see no stings, it’s just mangled.

So weird coincidence? or is the tiger pistol actually doing this to protect his den? I really love tailspots and want to keep one but it ain’t happening apparently. Currently have the pistol shrimp in a breeder box to to see if I need to bring him to my lfs or not after some opinions and research. Should also mention my first blenny died shortly after adding the pistol, and the second lived for about a week, and this one for 3 days. Only found a body for this one because I shined a light into the den.

Forget to mention; Tank is fully covered in glass. No way to jump out.


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This is possible, but it's also possible that you have some other unknown hitchhiker in the tank. The only way your going to find out is to remove the shrimp and try another tailspot blenny.
You know, had you told me there was possibly an unknown hitchhiker the other day I would’ve told you that’s unlikely because my tank is 6 months old, but just last night I saw my goby eat a bristleworm and I had previously never seen one. Yea i’ll have to try that, but I’d feel bad keeping him in a breeder box, so I might get a small piece of LR and put it in a 5 I have leftover for a week or so while my blenny is in the tank.


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It's amazing what hitchhikers you can find. When I set up my tank for the first time, and it was all new live rock, I was finding new things on it for the next several years. Most of what you find is harmless and in many cases good to have. You do have to watch out for a few things like gorilla crabs and mantis shrimp.


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I found a good size gorilla crab in my tank after not adding anything in the tank for 3 years. It took a few weeks to catch him once I knew where he was hiding. I took pleasure watching him get devoured by a Parotfish at my LFS.