I am looking for a critter with very specific needs.

Squatch XXL

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My 40b is doing well. I still only have a single fish (hoovens wrasse). She sleeps at night, and so is useless for what I want.

Basically, I look at my tank a few times after the lights go out every night. I see LOTS of pods and snails.....I see them as potential food for something. The wrasse does kill and eat these things, but only for the first shift. Second & third shift are open for workers.

I am looking for a nocturnal critter. Preferably some sort of crab. I am open to fish ideas....but only if there is no alternative.

It must hunt and eat Amphipods and possibly stomatella snails. Reef safe is also imperative. It can't be eating/nipping/moving/killing any of my corals....It may need to hide from the wrasse or be large enough to defend itself.

Anyone have any experience with this sort of fantastic critter(s)?


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I used to have a massive brittle star, it was a reddish colored criss cross pattern. It was pretty cool to watch at night. I rarely saw more than the tip of a leg sticking out when feeding during the day, but at night he was out and about. I think he was more of a scavenger, as I know for a fact he ate the remnants of a couple fish that didn't make it before I could get them out. It was well over 15" tip to tip, and didn't mess with any live fish or corals. Just don't get a green brittle star, they hunt fish, and your sleeping wrasse is a sitting duck.

Paul B

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Cusk eel. I had one for 18 years and never saw it or fed it. It was 6" long and very bright yellow. It was only seen at night if I looked with a flashlight. It must have lived on bristleworms or amphipods. I killed it by accident when I removed a rock and didn't know he was in there.
This is a lousy picture as they are bright yellow and eel like.