Help!!! I think my corals are releasing poison!


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I have been having trouble getting my pH up from 8.1 to 8.3 so today I purchased seachem marine buffer. After mixing it into my tank my Torch Coral and Hammer Coral both retracted completely and started releasing a white substance which seems to sting my hands :cursin:. I am worried that the marine buffer may have killed/stressed my corals and now the toxin they are releasing will kill my fish. My clowns have both hid under a rock since mixing and there are long white stings of toxin on my Hammer Coral. What do I do?!


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No. The corals aren't hurting the fish. Just put a bag of carbon in the tank if you are worried. Does the stuff look like slime? Corals slime when agitated, but it doesn't hurt fish.


Look into ChemiPure Elite!

I also agree...a constant PH is much more important assuming it's within a reasonable range!