GlennF's reefing heaven!


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Wish I would have studied Dutch instead of Spanish in high school now...

Donde esta el bano? Sure it comes in handy during a trip to Cancun but I'd much rather give up water changes. :)

Good thing for schmoogle translate -
"The EZ-DSR program contains 4 ready-to-use and balanced dosing solutions. They are packaged in transparent bottles, which can be placed directly on the dosing pump.
The advantages of EZ-DSR are: convenience, extra purified substances, no use of heavy metals, easy start, excellent result, the possibility of corrections with the extensive DSR program. Above all, it is also a very easy way to get in, before you can delve into the DSR method to get the most out of it.
The (theoretical) dosing ratio EZ buffer: EZ Calcium : EZ Trace = 5:1 : (0.5). Measurements of KH and Ca are minimized in this program, but can never be completely ignored, because the consumption in each aquarium is dynamic. EZ Trace contains: Magnesium, Sulfate, Potassium, Boron, Iodide & Manganese. This structurally supplements all essential substances, so that measurements and corrections can be further minimised.
Google translate is ok
Deepl translator is better.


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Some quick shots of the panoramareef, section1


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Do we spend time to edit all our pictures afterwards to make them more appealing?

Which one do you think represents the true colors? A, B, C, D, None of All ........


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I think c for me
A few critical readers broached the subject that many posted photo looked unnatural and exaggerated and drew the conclusion that it couldn't be otherwise that they must have been post-processed with photoshop or lightroom.
In short, no photos are post-processed because it is a time-consuming and inefficient way of posting. Moreover, it often misrepresents reality.
Here, the problems are tackled differently.
- It starts with getting the most out of the lighting, so that the result (growth and colour) is also satisfactory to the eye.
- Then we set up this lighting for the camera so that it can do something with it directly.
- Because we use a predominantly blue spectrum in marine aquaria, every photo will be blue. That's why we set the white balance correction to 10K Kelvin.
By carrying out the above steps properly, you basically don't have to edit all photos afterwards to get a decent result. This will save you from boring operations and you won't be tempted to overdo things either.
Here you can see what you can achieve with the right lighting, camera setting (2sec) and direct posting(5sec). It doesn't get any more effective than this with post-processing all the photos
Fishes are an indispensable part of our aquarium ecosystem. They are part of it and you want to enjoy the colourful splendour of these fish both live and on camera. That doesn't work under tight blue light. You can also see from the colours of these fish that there has been no messing around with photo editing programmes and filters.
In the first photo, the exposure is set slightly darker on camera. Not excessive but bad to reduce the haze/reflection of the lights on the frontscreen.







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This is the tank january 2023
In the morning when there is more blue light because the white are not on yet


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Beautiful video, tank looks extremely healthy.
Have you ever heard of the reef moonshiners method for balancing tank parameters? If so, how does it compare to your method?


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Yes, i have read about it in american forums.
I do my own thing and believe reefers should start learning the basics first. My system is about minimizing, sustainability and self sufficiency. I only add stuff that i can measure myself and has been proven to make a difference. DSR is an intergral control system which supply all tools (including building your own salt), procedures and platform which teaches reefers how to work with it.
I.e. The powerfilter was also a DSR initiative which triggered it's popularity in the saltwater scene. Nowadays many grab back to a PF when in trouble.
It has been there since 2012, when most of the system we hear about nowadays weren't even existing.

Andre system was unspired by the Dutch Synthetic Reefing method. We had some chats in the past about the subject.
His system was initially about tweaking parameters to bring out certain features in corals with the help of ICP testen.


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Even the best reefers sometimes make silly mistakes.
But even then, there is no reason to cry, they are beautiful decorative pieces.