GlennF's reefing heaven!


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Equipment required to maintain a 3200 liters system without any waterchanges:
No high-end skimmer.
No pellets
No reactors
no activated carbon
No refugium

A nearly empty sump!!!
water purification doesn't get simpler than this .


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The panoramareef, nearly 6 months after it was build. Now the colors are taking off!
Somehow it took the system 6 months to get the most out of it's potential. This is a turning point!

NOT A SINGLE WATERCHANGE WAS DONE SINCE THE START! Somehow novice reefers still get the advice from "experts" to do regular waterchanges. Nowadays there are modern and less wastefull ways to be succesfull with a reeftank. I guess it's all about confidence and following a certain set of rules.


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Glenn, this is amazing. I can’t believe you have such a beautiful tank with minimal sump setup. What does your maintenance consist of if you’re not doing water changes? What do you test for? And, what is your salt mix (unless you use NSW).


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I am the guy who is always trying to improve a rake on new challenges . this is the ideal hobby for that.

All my systems are based around dosings and developing new ways to archieve better and sustainable reefing results.

For this tank monitored and automation is with GHL equipment which are a blessing compared to cheap equipment which always fails and give me headache.
I use the profilux P4 with the KHDirector and 2x channel doser2.0. With 5 free channels for supplements dosings

I develop the EZ2Go, a easy to use 2 component dosing system which take care of the basic needs of a reeftanks such as myselves. This link tell you more about the system:

Usage of the available channels:
Ch4= EZBuffer
Ch5= EZ2Go
Ch6= available
Ch7= PO4+

The powerfilter is a DCP5000 which loopback the flow from the end of segment3 to the begin of segment1.

In this program EZ2Go in Conjuction with the (DSRspec.) powerfilter is the main export system for nutrients, but it's also supplying all depleted minerals and food for bacteria population to develop.
When growth start kicking in they need nutients. There is where NO3+ and PO4+ dosings come in.

All other organics and (not by dosings supplied) minerals are plenty available in regular food we use to feed our fish.

This is enough and has been a proven way to get rid of waterchanges.
It can maintain pristine waterquality and keep corals happy.

I developed and mix my own salt, which i start this tank with.
Any one can mix their custom specs salt with base product and this salt calculator
You can even savely use regeneration salt (as NaCl part) to mix you saltwater. (As suggested in the calculator)
This salt is the innovative and environmental friendly way to mix new saltwater
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We did a swap
3in and 3 out
1x Sixline wrasse and 2x squamipinnis out, because they acted like dickheads towards the 3 flavoguttatus
Now the flavoguttus are swimming around freely.