Getting rid/keeping at bay tube worms


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A couple months ago I recently swapped out all of my rock for new rock and thought I might have gotten rid of the tube worm problem that I had before, but it's back with a vengeance. Not that they are a problem, but they multiple rapidly and make sharp rubes that stuck into your hands should you hit then while cleaning... anyone know how to knock down these (and have experience doing so) short if not dismantling my entire setup?


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While they are not as nice looking as feather dusters or christmas tree worms, the ones you have are usually considered a good thing, even though you do need to be careful of your hands while working on the tank. Consider though that you can also easily get cut for live rock or corals.

With so many of them it would be very hard to get rid of them short of bleach bombing the entire tank, and I don't recommend doing that in most cases.

You could try adding fish that eat tube worms, such as butterflies, or fish that eat anything such as triggers, but these kind of fish will also go after corals and your clean up crew.

Personally, I'd leave the tube worms alone and figure that I'm doing something right.