Fluval M60! First tank in 5 years!

Discussion in 'Reef Chronicles' started by Mperkins92, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Yesterday I was checking out my LFS and was surprised to see the same M60 set up that was there a year ago and ended up buying one. I wanted one before but had convinced myself a RSM was the only tank that size that would work for me but seeing their success changed my mind.
    The kit I got contained the tank, stand, skimmer, powerhead and salt but not light which I was happy about because I've never like the all in one tanks lighting and didn't want to pay for what i'm going to replace.
    After a brief refresher course on BRSTV I spent more than I wish I had at bulkreefsupply but I remember my last setup I must have wasted so much more by trying to save a few bucks on cheaper equipment. heres a list of my tanks equipment.

    100W Neo-Therm Submersible Heater - Cobalt Aquatics

    45 lbs-BRS Reef Saver Aquarium Dry Live Rock

    Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit

    Refractometer for Reading Salinity with Calibration Fluid

    1 Gallon - BRS Bulk Small Particle Lignite Carbon

    1/2 Gallon (2 lbs.) - BRS Bulk GFO

    Salifert Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit

    3- 4” x 8” BRS Mesh Media Bag with Draw String

    Hydra TwentySix HD LED (Black) - Aqua Illumination

    HMS Single Light Mount Kit - Aqua Illumination

    2 Ft DIY 1/8 In Screen Top Netting Kit

    I'm not sure what I want to stock the tank with yet but I've always wanted a bonded shrimp/goby and I've seen these tanks with clownfish in them but worry that would already be over my Bio load. If anyone has anything to say please do, I couldn't find much information about these tanks online and I've been out of the hobby for too long, I wouldn't be surprised if I missed anything. Thankyou!
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