Douglas's Reefer 525XL Mixed Reef


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Good afternoon folks, as promissed in my old tanks thread once I got the new tank I would shut it down and start a new one to follow and document my journey with Red Sea's Reefer 525XL.

If you have followed my old build (RSM 400) you by now know that I got my new reefer 525XL in august last year and from then till now Ive had my ups and downs, from getting fresh good looking corals to fighting a full on velvet outbreak to a mysterious jelly like thing covering all my rocks (bacterial bloom). So it is with great pleasure that I start this thread off with how my tank is currently by providing you all with todays test results along with a few pictures. Any advice/critisism is apreciated along the journey and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Water test results:

PH - 8.2
KH - 9
Temp - 24.5
Salinity - 1.024
No2 - 0
No3 - 9
Ammonia - 0
Cal - 400
Mg - 1020
Phos - 0.05

So from todays resaults ive had to adjust the daily dosage of kg/cal/mg as I like to have my kh sit at around 8.3/8.5, I have also dosed mg and will be doing so for the next few days to get it to where it needs to be. As for the rest of the parameters I recon they are good with nitrates holding well between 5/10 depending on the days feed (and i need to clean the filter socks out lol long overdue).

@Pancho75 @PSU4ME here is the new tank thread if you wanna keep up with how it goes :celebrate:



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Thanks @Pancho75, getting a new tank is always one hell of a roller coaster lol. Slow and steady does it, aslong as I dont let it bring me down anything can be overcome lol

Really want to have the top part of the rockwork covered in a few acros but man getting there is proving to be a hell of a job, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and might pull the trigger on a few frags this week. Fingers crossed all goes well and we can start with sps and more lps.

Got to say on looking at the pictures I am starting to have the massive amount of what I think is some kind of sponge or some other filter feeder, the dam root looking things are taking over all the rock lol I wonder if theres anything that eats em :dunno:


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Looks great. Whatcha got for a clean up crew in there?
Thank you very much, so far:
1x scarlet cleaner shrimp
1x sand sifting starfish
3x fighting conch
5x bumblebee snails
10x nasarius snails including a Leopard variant
1x blue leg hermit
1x normal hermit
5 or 6 cerithium snails
3x small turbos
2x mega sized turbos

They keep the tank nice and clean, thinking of adding another cleaner shrimp. The tangs also help keep the algae at bay, its all a balance and getting the right fish to keep the tank clean and active.