Current loop usa led light

My current loop usa light has a clock on it but the clock isnt changing after time passes it just stays at the same tine that i set it how do i fix this?


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You don't mention the exact fixture you have, but you can find the instructions for most of current usa products here (offsite) -

I own a pair of their fixturers for lighting my FW planted tank, and personally I have found using the manufacturers remote control and setting everything up is a [expletive deleted]. The fixture also looses all settings if a power failure occurs. What I did was to otain a Smart WIFI outlet Plug and plug the fixture into that. Then I set all the fixture stuff to on all the time, and control the on off times with the Smate WIFI plug. This way I can control the fixture via my smart phone. However I do loose the dawn/dusk functions and some of the special lighting stuff.

Link to WIFI plug I used (offsite) -
Note, you can download an app to control the device. You don't need Alexa or Google Home Assistant. You do need a 2.4 GHz WIFI network, but most modern routers support this. Be sure to check yours does.