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    Difficulty Level: Sympodium is a very tolerant but slow growing soft coral.

    Feeding: Small filter foods will often be accepted though this species is primarily photosynthetic and shouldn’t need additional feeding.

    Lighting (Level 2 to 8): Sympodium is extremely adaptive to lighting conditions and will grow in fairly low to higher lighting environments.

    Water Flow: Higher flow is usually prefered for these corals though they will also live and grow under lower flow conditions.

    Placement: Sympodium should be placed on the rocks where it has ample room to expand and grow across them. They are not aggressive, so take care when picking neighbors.

    General: Sympodium is a very interesting soft coral due to its slow growth maintaining the rarity of the species. They are very easy to grow, but extremely slow to reward with growth[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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