Coral feeding, What do you use?


Hey All,

So I've gotten over some hurdles my tank put in my way. Everything is starting to look good again. Finally!
I'm looking at starting to feed my corals. Mainly LPS with a few SPS and some softies. So a mixed bag!
I was feeding Reef Roids, a few times a week and occasionally drop in some frozen mysis in with the Reef Roids.
So my question here is, what do you feed your corals? How often? And spot feeding or dumping.
As I have a lot of acans I was thinking of some type of pellet, but not sure what's the best quality and what I should do.
Some of that Nyos stuff looks interesting.

Thanks all


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I feed Reef Chili at the moment. Everything in the tank seems to love it, fish included. I've read that Acans (especially Lords) like larger meaty foods like frozen mysis.


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Coral Frenzy at the moment and liking it so far. Used ReefRoids as well and don't see a huge difference personally

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I just feed whatever I'm feeding the fish mostly. I do, however, feed my rbta small pieces of cod, shrimp, scallops and whatever else I can scavenge from the freezer after the wife comes home from the grocery store. About once a month I will feed the LPS corals and mini-maxi carpet anemone Fauna Marin "Ultra LPS grow + color".


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If your coral has large tentacles and a visible mouth (i.e. many LPS Corals), it probably eats macroscopic or larger prey. Lobophyllia, Open Brain, Elegance, and Plate Corals are examples of corals that do best on larger food.