Coral banded shrimp ~vs~ Arrow crab

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So....what is the life expectancy of an Arrow crab inhabiting the same aquarium as a Coral Banded shrimp? I'm not trying to run some kind of squirrelly fight club or nothing, but over the past couple weeks, I have noticed that my Arrow crab is missing appendages. This morning he had 4 legs and a (9-10 hrs later) he's down to 3 legs. The only thing I figure to be messing with him is that shrimp. Anyone ever seen something like that?

On a separate note, I did also lose my long tentacle nem and I'm beginning to think ole shrimpy is the culprit. I did notice my peppermint shrimp poking around his foot before he disappeared. Thoughts??

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How big is your tank? That might be the problem right there. If they're constantly bumping into each other there's bound to be a problem.