Col's Red Sea S-650


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Oi Oi, how you all doing - what a 12months its been. I've been keeping up to date on SPR/Nobby/Pancho's tanks - but thought it was about time I did a little update on my own.

What's changed - lots, I ended up with marine velvet which wiped 90% of my fish out, I had a crash, had dinos and have had to pretty much restart, I went fallow for 16weeks and have been slowly building back up.

What's new - even more lol. Fitted and then removed a GHL kH director (too fiddly and the cause of my crash). Unfortunately I had also preordered and paid for the GHL Ion director, which I am still awaiting delivery of.
Removed the Seneye reef and fitted an Apex - Shaun and Pancho were right, absolute game changer.
Fitted x2 mp40s in addition to the 4 rear pumps controlled by apex
Fitted a Theiling compact roller
Removed Teco tk500 chiller from the left hand compartment and replaced with the larger tk 1000 and fitted externally, much to the delight of my wife after I drilled a 32mm hole through the external wall - yes I should have listened and got the tk1000 originally - I have however fitted the 500 to my EA600 fish only tank so win win
Replaced the filter socks with the cups - way better in my opinion
Bough and never fitted the pacific sun Kore 7th with kH lab and Cal feed AC mini calcium reactor In the shed currently brand new)
Fitted and then removed an Alkatronic (now on my max nano) - tbh what a great piece of equipment, I ordered it to keep tabs while I was away on holiday (after 4 cancellations I managed to get to Crete for 2 weeks) whilst trying to sleep on the 1st night of the holiday i saw Kraken corals had a trident in stock, a quick msg later to ask if they could delay shipping and it was ordered along with a dos/ddr combo - the Alkatronic was 3days old at this point lol.
Replaced the JBL UV with a troptronic (brilliant)
Replaced the main return pump with a Cor 20, I have another to fit to supply the UV/Chiller, along with some flow meters, leak detectors and a second apex auto feeder
I've switched from dosing the red sea foundation to Tropic Marin all for reef (its an all in one alk/calc/mg - as long as your starting levels are right, it will maintain them all together)

As I said, its been a journey lol

Hope your all doing well and staying safe
Wow that’s a bit of a journey and welcome back!

I decided against trident and kH director or anything else similar, for the simple reason there something else to maintain and fail. My once a week water tests take about 15 minutes to do both tanks and that’s it, done.

That’s not me taking anything away from them at all, it just what I decided personally