Bloody Vampire's Picassos FS.

Too 10 clowns of this batch for sale last week and just have this two left.
Price it's $250 each plus shipping this clownfish are beautiful..
Here's a video of a few from the same batch these have been selected and purchased by breeders and are getting in the process to pair up. Just to show the potential of this line of clownfish.


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Not trying to give you a hard time, but what is the difference between these "Bloody Vampire Picassos" and the normal version of Picasso clowns? I don't really see too much in the difference in the video, but that might be because I'm looking at young fish.
The name came of some of the offspring having markings that look like fangs on the lower jaw now not all of them have this markings. Also to note that the linage of these fish has been refreshed to become with a new blood line with a PNG Wild caught picasso. This fish also have snowcaso and cquest linage on them.