I lose about 1 outta 7 blastos i buy, but the one i lose is always the best,i think the better color combos are alot more sensitive then the common solid reds


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I know this is a sensitive topic for a lot of you collectors but what makes them just die. Downset is there a reason for the death of your blastos? This is the one thing that makes me not collect them.


Well I have no clue why they die,I believe is that they are just very sensitive shippers and some never recover from it and just slowly go down hill IMO thats why they just start to die after 3 or 4 months in captivity,but they are my favorite corals so i just try to find ones that are healthy and go with them I had about 15-20 in my tank and 1 time and about 5 or 6 I've lost...but hey this hobby wouldnt be fun If everything always lived :p


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Well, I know I have not been in LPS much than most of you guys here but few things that I am guessing....

Recently I have done little test and study on them... Also I have discussed this with my LFS guy who keeps lots of nice blastos vary successfully.

According to him he cannot keep any blastos long time in his SPS tank (high calcium and Alk) also his SPS tank is full of nice rare LPS and Yumas but blastos does not work for that tank.... He is guessing water chem... like maybe blastos do not like high cal or alk or clean water.... even he could not keep them long time in shade shade area....

One thing that everyone knows light and water flow (Slow water flow and low light)

Has anyone keeping Blastos in sperate tank than SPS or LPS tank? Not even connected?
Mane, you also keep them in your main tank right?

I am planning to setup a seperate tank for blastos with PC, low flow, seperate filters and all....

Just like Jedub said some are vary hardy than others (most of time they are kinda common color or not so rare color). I have learn this during my collection.

Also one thing that I learn is that if you get the blastos that are in LFS for sometime (Let's say at least 3-4weeks) they normally do vary well in my system even 1st day. But ones that are looking good in LFS but they just got those less than 2 days ago.... well, I do see trouble in 2-3days so I need to nursing them for few days or weeks at least....

I taught I lost completely on this one

After 5-6 days in good shape... start not doing good at all so I put it in my sump but not getting better but bad... so I put it in dark dark shade shade in my tank for 2-3 weeks... just forgot about it asume it was already dead... 3 days ago I pull it out to see I taught it was dead but still have some flash left over on few polyps.... so now I bring it out to little shade area.... I will see how this one goes...

One tip is that LFS is keeping their blastos in almost no water flow (super low flow) and PC with low light and bring them out to another tank which has little better light and flow once they recover...

Well, just my 2cents...


Heres my three, i wish i could from nice morphs like the ones on here locally, but i only see them online