Berghia Nudibranchs


Hey, has anyone tried introducing Berghia into their tanks for aptasia control? I am thinking about getting one or two to clear up my existing infestation and for continued control, since they tend to keep popping up (i might have a couple lodged in the back area that keep reseeding the tank).

I wanted to hear from the RS community about success stories, any issues mixing berghia and other polyps (yellow polyps, zoas)? Also I have a tomato clown in the tank, no other fish. I know most fish are not fond of the nudis because they incorporate the aptasia nematocysts into their tissues, but since clowns are anemone hosting (and sting resistant) and mine is quite aggressive, I'm just making sure he won't attack my aptasia fighters.

If there is anyone out there who has had success with these guys and might want to help me obtain one or two? Preferably in the W. Michigan area? (a slim chance, I know, but I am finding it hard to justify spending 50 dollars to ship 1 nudibranch!)



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I added a half dozen. Good news no problems about eating coral. Bad news is tough to add and progress slowly. However they r working. Slowly.

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I am in the process of trying this out. I got 4 from Premium Aquatics (u guys rock!) and put them in my 45G, after a month I have noticed I have baby berghias. The Aiptasia population is dwindling rapidly, I am estimating that the aiptasia are probably at least half of what they were. Again a guestimate but there were probably about 40+ish aiptasia ranging in big to small before I put them in and I count less than 20 now, with all of the large ones gone.