Madyson Tharp

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Hi everyone I'm wondering about my anemone he was very much alive and spunky last night before bed and I wake up this morning And he is still attached to the rock but he is all shriveled up in the foot is kind of taking over you can still see tentacles but they are deflated salt is good, pH is good, nitrite and nitrate are good, everything is measuring perfect but for some reason he is looking a little unlively. Can anyone tell me what might be happening is he going to be okay?


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To really help you, we would need to know more information.

What species of anemone do you have?

How long have you had it?

How long has the tank been established?

How large is the tank?

What other livestock do you have in the tank?

What kind of filtration, skimming and lighting do you have?

What were your exact readings for the tests you did? What might seem good to you may indicate a problem to someone else.