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    Any thoughts on the size/type of Anemone I should get for my 34 gallon reef tank. I had a Condy Anemone when I bought the tank back in February that hosted an Anemone crab. It was cool but the anemone died last week. I tested the water parms and they are all perfect. The only exception was the water may have gotten too warm during a few hot days (up to 82 degrees) and the anemone moved to the bottom of the tank to cool down?!.....but died shortly after.

    So...any thoughts on another smaller one? Is the Condy Anemone the way to go? Also, I have a nice size clown in the tank too. Would that cause an issue?

    Thank advance.
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    You tank is still much too new for an anemone. Wait about 6 more months if you want one of the large anemones.

    Actually, I would recommend that you avoid the large anemones entirely. Stick to the smaller ones such as rock anemones, zoas, and recordia. Also consider soft corals such as leather corals that can look a bit like an anemone. You'll have a far greater chance of success that way, You also will not have problems where a large anemone wonder off right into your filtration system or circulation pump.

    As a note, a temp of 82 shouldn't normally bother an anemone. It's more likely your anemone was going downhill and just happened to die at that time. Most condy anemones in your LFSs look white or pink. In most cases these are bleached and in trouble right off. Look for ones that are brown or brown-pink.
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    +1 for the rock anemones. They look amazing for the price, especially if you get a really iridescent one.

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    image.jpeg I have kept anemones for more than 20 years.
    In my experience while a mature tank (at least 6 months fully stable) is a better starting point, the most important needs of the Nem, are as follows:

    1. Light. Nems love their light, it's their food and they will move towards the PAR they need to continue the photosynthetic process. Never move the NEM, they do not like this at all and damage of the food can be fatal. In addition, BTA will attach to the rock whereas LTA will go to the sand, not always, but mostly.

    2. Flow. Nems need a low to moderate flow in which their tentacles are gently waving. This both brings them food and keeps,them clean

    3. Water. Nems need stability in water conditions. They hate change and may move because of it. So,water conditions must be excellent and replication of NSW parameters is essential.

    4. Supplemental Feedings. Nems derive 75% of their nutriiton requirements directly from photosynthesis of the light. They will survive well on just light. That being said, it's OK to squirt some frozen brine or Mysis once every two weeks. You can actually kill a Nem by feeding to much too often. Digestion is quite long. And if ya think, not natural that a hunk of fish or shrimp drops in every day.

    In a 34g, which is the absolute minimum I would use, I reccomend the BTA, you can find some real colourful ones of rose, green or a mix.
    I have been most succesful with the BTA and I like them better than the LTA because their tentacles are shorter so they use less space.

    If you are satisfied you can provide, 1,2 and 3, you could try the BTA, you may even be lucky enough for it to host the clown. If you clown accepts it, it will also feed the nem, as well as have a safe place to rest.

    Good luck, that's my two cents.
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