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    Corals FT: Central PA USA

    Yes! A frag swap thread. I will get some pictures up of a few frags I've made as soon as I can
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    RosterV's 93G coral cube

    I had a very unfortunate series of events lately. I had to go up to my family's farm for a few days after my granny had her knee replaced and I ultimately did not feed this tank for four days. I also set the Metal halide light on a timer where I had been manually running it a few hours a day and...
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    Roster's 75g reef

    Thanks a lot stir!! One of my favorite fish this guy here. He eats almost everything and is fat and active. Thankfully. I got him several months ago without doing my research into them and how many have trouble eating in captivity and is a joy to have survive and healthy and great character...
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    Noisy drains

    Hey compadres, have been playing around with airline and the drains are still not ideal. Squatch that's an idea about trying to silence the gurgling through the air tubes also, but overall I'm just not really digging the drains. They have to whirlpool and suck some air in from the top every so...
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    Water changes not helping nitrates, biopellets or algae scrubber?

    Thanks for the word everyone, I'm going to try everything basically. to grow some macroalgae/ chaeto first off in the sump. I hope draining and dragging the sump out to spray out and take the dirty sand out of the refugium section will be a good start to with doing more detritus clean up , need...
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    Water changes not helping nitrates, biopellets or algae scrubber?

    Shoot guys my reply got lost before I posted it. Thanks for the pointers and I will report back as soon as I can
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    Target feeding my Clingfish

    What kind of clingfish is it , Paul? Pretty goofy looking things, I recommend Google images searching them! Ex: Happy clingfishes
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    Ramie's Fluval Evo Aquarium 13.5g

    Nice the tank looks really nice. You took that first big rock out though? I really like that big rock I thought it fit really well in there, had a cave and lots of ledges etc. Good luck starting up and see ya around !
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    The Stony Shallows

    Good stuff all around sir, thanks for taking all the pictures you do and time to post and share them. :couch: nice "LFS" you have and "mates" for sure!
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    GlennF's reefing heaven!

    Super nice Glenn! Very inspirational. I got to thinking to ask you.. I got a second tank myself recently and am kind of struggling to double up all my equipment. I wonder if you have a common system in place feeding multiple tanks so you don't need multiple skimmers, dosers, reactors, etc? I'd...
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    Water changes not helping nitrates, biopellets or algae scrubber?

    hello reef forum friends, I'm trying to get serious about getting my nitrates down. There is not really any corals or fish suffering and my tank appears healthy as can be but it's gotten to the point that my api Nitrate test is maxed dark orange to red indicating 50-80 ppm and changing 30...
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    planning phase of a new 180 tank ???

    Yo señor , cool to see you're thinking of doing some work with acrylic. I'm considering buying a sheet to use to build a smaller square sump for my new 30x30 cube tank also. I've never welded acrylic before but it seems pretty doable and cheaper and easy to cut compared to glass. kind of excited...
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    Chipmunk's 10g Office Tank

    That looks great dude, I like the 20 gallon long a lot. That was my first saltwater tank myself.