Still setting up

im still setting up the tank, when i finish i will have a few more coral pieces, and all the pumps and thermomotor will be out of view, the water level will be increased too. Im hoping to keep a few (probably 2) angels in the tank, along with some tangs when complete. ive used a complete inline filtration system, the tank is an aquaone 850 which has been drastically modified. i had to rebuild the lighting system to fit standard 2ft tubes, and modify the hood/original filtration system to accommodate the aquac remora. the tank is also equip with surface ventilation via a adjustable speed blower fan, ive also incorporated a cabinet lighting system and water over flow alarm which deactivates all water pumps in case of a leak or tubing burst. im using phosban and polyfilter as well as shell gravel in the fluid bed filter instead of just gravel. FILTRATION/STERALIZATION: AquaC Remora 1200Maxijet 2213 Eheim Canister Filter 1x Fluid Bed filter 16w UV Steriliser LIGHTING SYS: 2x Arcadia 18w Marine White (9hours) 1x Arcadia 18w Marine Actinic moonlight (12hours) i will upload more photo's shorty.

Still setting up
garas, Mar 25, 2006
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    Mar 25, 2006
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