Puchus Aquarium

In our RSM 130D we have, mated pair of Ocelaris Clownfish, 1 Blue and 1 Yellow Tangs, 1 Sixline Wrasse, 3 Green Chromis, 2 Cleanner, 1 Coral Banded, 1 Fire, 2 Peppermint Shrimps, 1 Porcelain, 1 Pom Pom and 1 Horseshoe Crabs, Dwarf Hermit Crabs blue, Red, Scarlet and Electric Blue Crabs, 2 Sponge Crabs, Margarita, Cerith, Trochus, Astrea Snails, Red and Sand shifting starfish, various LPS, SPS and soft Corals. In the 10 Gallon Sump I have Hermit Crab with Anemones and a Engineer Goby. Adittional to the RSM 130D filtration system, I use Matrix, Purigem, Phosguard and PURA filtration Pad.

Puchus Aquarium
Larcos66, Nov 22, 2010
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