Live Rock Aquascape

Hi everyone. I set up my 55 gallon a few months ago and now I finally got all my live rock and made an attempt at placing it all. Any comments or suggestions? I like having all the caves and shelves for coral placement. I got rocks from different places (Vanuatu, Fiji, etc.) do you think they clash at all? I am open to any suggestions. I have a crappy full tank shot and 2 better pics of both halves. I do have an Atlantic carpet in the middle there, but I already talked to my LFS to take it back, so I will be returning it tomorrow. Thanks to this forum I am more aware of what should or shouldn't go in my tank. I won't be getting another anemone...since I want to monitor the tank and make sure all the parameters are well enough to support an anemone.

Live Rock Aquascape
spaceboy327, Nov 24, 2009
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    Nov 24, 2009
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