Freshwater Discus Planted Tank

I know this is a reef enthusiast sight, but I figured some may enjoy pictures of my freshwater planted discus tank, which I consider the closest thing to a reef tank as far as color goes. This is a 55 gallon running a wet/dry built for a 300 with a 50 gallon sump with a mag 6 pushing the water. It has co2 injection and two power-heads for circulation in the sump, along with a healthy amount of peat moss buffering the water. The lighting is a double h.o. cf pushing 108 watts with built in moonlights, and a double t5 putting out about 80 watts, all bulbs are different colors. Livestock includes 6 varied breeds of discus, a mated pair of angels, 24 neon tetras, two otocinclus, 4 julii cats, and more snails than you could possibly count. Completely South American Amazon set-up, ph is 5.5. temp 88 degrees, and it thrives like you wouldn't believe.

Freshwater Discus Planted Tank
bbe22, Jun 12, 2010
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    Jun 12, 2010
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