1 week and 1 day the tank has been up!

1 week and 1 day the tank has been up!

Every kind of snail to imagine, nass, serith, turbo, conch, limpet, scutas, so many more I can't remember, all kinds of crabs from hermits, to emeralds, anemone crab...more. Starfish, a sand sifter and a tile or marble. Fish...a blue/green chromis, a mated pair of true percs, a yellow tang, a scopas tang, a neon goby, a chalk basslet, a copperband butterfly. Shrimp, 2 peppermints, one coral banded. Corals, a red monti, a yellow monti, two pagodas, a world of zoas(more kinds and colors than I care to try and type.), star polyps, gorgonians, wood polyps, striped mushrooms, huge leather(not sure what kind), a kenya tree, blue clove polyps(anthilia), a couple acro frags, palys galore, yellow button polyps, xenia, two rics, orange and green. More feather dusters growing on rock than I could count, all sizes and colors! So much more I am forgetting! Two anemones one sebae? and one flower.
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