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  1. Cheeze
    corals are doing well and need to thin them out. green bird nest. Orange gatatus bird nest, red cap. monti., setosa and green star.
  2. Cynthia
    Novice Nano Reefer
  3. Critter303
    Hi I’m Critter303,I’ve been a reef aquarist for around 10yrs. now.
  4. Jeff towse
    Jeff towse nanoreefing4fun
    Hi can anyone advise me on how to install a timer for my water Cooling fans on a RSM250
  5. Jeff towse
    Jeff towse
    Hi I have a RSM 250 can anyone tell me how to install a timer for my water cooling fans
  6. Roland Bouchard
    Roland Bouchard
    Would that I tell you of my 'discovering' my first Sand Dollar (or, its discovering me.
  7. MarkD
    Can Apex Jr or Reefkeeper control dimmable rapid led to ramp up sunrise/sunset
  8. Evelynzibly
  9. mebel13241zibre
  10. BennyDob
  11. One_thirsty_tank
    One_thirsty_tank Duncan collins
    Hey Duncan. I read you have a hydra 26. I just purchased one my self for my Rea Sea 130. I was wondering if maybe you could share your settings, thanks
  12. Karen111
    Complete newbie! 55 gallon, TMC Skimmer Pro 300,
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  13. Isabelhab
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