Tank turned 49 this year

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I just spent a week trying to get a drug approval for my wife who has MS. To use the "Simple, Government website" you have to be Houdini and he is dead. I finally got someone on the phone after waiting an hour on hold and he said no one can figure it out. Like Duh. That is because they hire young college graduates to make these sites. They should use old, retired construction workers.

The site should go something like this:
Name, Are you a Snowflake, Sissy or Girly Man? Do you live in America? What medication do you want?
Then it can show you two boxes, one with a picture of Christie Brinkley and one with a picture of a Duck Billed Platypus. It says: Which box has the Supermodel in it?

OK, you are approved and your medication will be in the mail in 5 minutes with a thank you note from Christie.

But the real Govt site asks you things like: Go and find form 314.748-110/A from 1983. Look on line 37 and add that amount to the number on line 15, then deduct 6 and put that number here on this line backwards. Add the address your parents lived at near the end of WW2 and the maiden name of your second cousin three times removed.
Answer 3 of these questions.
1-What is the name of your favorite teachers pet turtle
2- What year did Ford make Edsel.

OK that's it. Your application will be considered 15 days after Easter.

No really. When my Mother N Law went in to a nursing home we contacted the Govt. because her husband was a wounded Veteran and she was entitled to a certain benefit. The Govt. sent back a letter saying we will hear from them in 14 months to see if she was entitled to this benefit.
14 months to tell you if you can even apply. I mean, like REALLY! Is it me?

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Tomorrow about 6:00 I will be speaking at the Chocolate Factory in Riverhead on 58. It is going to be about Viet Nam, not fish which is my favorite topic. But I was asked to speak about this so if anyone wants to go to sleep, come by.

I didn't get top billing, I am behind a few people from a Moose Lodge.

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Same here with my kids. They love to clean the glass like Greta is doing. Unfortunately, they sometimes clean it with some sand they get in the mag-float.

Oh well, I'll worry about the scratches at some later time. Most aren't that visible if you don't know to look for them. ;)
I've got a Max Flipper, and the magnet is so strong you need forearms like Popeye to move it. Kids have no chance !

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This week I added a purple dottyback, Coral croucher gobi, queen anthius, yellow wrasse and female mandarin. I only want one more fish, a dragon faced pipefish then my tank will be at capacity. It's actually over capacity now but almost all my fish are very small and that yellow wrasse will probably jump out as they normally do. :confused:

I think now I have, besides those fish:
2 fireclowns
2 Gecko Gobies
2 bluestripe pipefish (they had babies two days ago)
Janss pipefish
2 unknown red fish
algae bleeny
some other kind of bleeny
2 queen anthius
scooter bleeny
possum wrasse
watchman gobi

I think that's it but I probably forgot one or two because the majority of my fish are hiders and I almost never see them. People that want their fish to be seen get tangs, angels and manta rays. My tank is not meant to be a thing of beauty, it is an experiment to see how healthy and how long I can keep a particular fish. I can't remember the last time I lost a fish to disease but it was probably in the 80s.
Every one of my fish was put into my tank with no quarantine and no observation tank. Every one of them ate right away. The ones that I can see anyway.
In a natural tank where the fish are not quarantined, fed correctly and are immune
feel at home and don't have any problems. They are also not Sissy fish or Snowflakes that have to be coddled. A natural, not very sterile tank fed food with bacteria in it make the fish bulletproof. I have shot some of them with a 45 and it just wounded them. :rolleyes:

This is my wifes computer and I can't put up pictures. My computer crashed and I have another one in a box sitting on the counter. I brought it to the Geek Squad and they said I needed to make an appointment. I am not good with appointments so I just bought another one. Computers are very cheap now and they give you one free if you buy a box of pretzels. I remember when computers were as big as a school bus and made of wood and you had to mortgage your home to get one, and all they did was add and subtract. :rolleyes:
If you got a really expensive one there would be a picture of Myley Cyrus wearing her Mickey Mouse Ears. She was in the Mickey Mouse Club then.:cool:

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Here is me speaking at that Veterans talk. The guy in the foreground, Phil Keith, wrote the book about Fire Support Base Illingworth. The battle I was in and why they asked me to speak.
He was in the Air Force and was shot down and had a bullet go right through his chest. He received a Silver Star for that and in my mind, a Hero.



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That it really interesting @Paul B, would you share with us here parts of your speech and the battle?

Your friend is a true hero.

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Pancho, I would rather not put that here on a fish site, but you can read all about the battle here.

I just spoke about what I did and the general conditions without getting into the heavy stuff as no one would believe it anyway.
There is a picture of my bunker there right after the battle.
Here is an excerpt from that article if you don't want to read the entire thing:

Men grappled, fought, stabbed and shot each other in the darkness for the next hour. TACAIR roared overhead, savaging the NVA assault on its perimeters as men were fed into the fight. The 105-mm batteries, at zero elevation, banged away, punching gaps in the lines of the attackers. The redlegs who couldn’t use or sight their weapons for close-in work grabbed M-16s and frags and stepped up to the berm to fight as infantry. The un-horsed cavalrymen grabbed whatever hand held weapons they could scrounge and manned their portion of the sand-bagged wall
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