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    Thanks good to be back. Still a bit busy unpacking, so still gonna be a bit before im back full swing...
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    Well havent been on in awhile due to many things like a death in the family,battling flat worms in my favorite tank the 57 rimless and bought a house. The well water in the house I moved to about a year ago just reeked havoc on all 3 of my tanks So just about threw in the towel. Unfortunately...
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    Stealthy's White Box with water inside

    lookin good!
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    Clownfish hosting with anemone

    He is just testing the water so to speak, he will dive in in no time...
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    Blndbunny's 40g shallow reef

    Nice, Keep us posted on the build...
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    November 2014 TOTM!

    Great job..looks great.
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    New Red Sea system - "Reefer"

    Yeah just got that E-mail, looks pretty impressive. Im sure they have quite the price tag...
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    Moving from South Carolina to Washington State

    Visit the Shark Reef in Silverdale its a great place. Used to be my LFS until I moved to the east side...
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    Practicing Fishtography

    Nice shots...
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    My 57 Rimless

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    My 57 Rimless

    Yes it is Oxylebius...
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    New to reefsanctuary

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    New guy to reefing in the SoCal area.

    welcome to RS
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    New Owner

    Welcome...Thats a great tank.