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    Brown Mushrooms

    If I could take it from the side I surely would, they are under my Trumpets in the middle of the tank. It's not a nono cube. There has to be someone in the sw world that has had the these shrooms, I can't be the only one. If I was, we have a scoop (story) for you younger folks. Come on Paul...
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    Brown Mushrooms

    Hello all I've had my tank set up for over 3 years now. I keep seeing these dark brown with light green bumps popping up all around my Trumpet coral with 31 heads. They are slowly pushing the heads down. I know yawl are going to want pictures. The problem being, I don't own an under water...
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    Thanks for the reply, it's going to be an AWESOME tank....Mark

    Thanks for the reply, it's going to be an AWESOME tank....Mark
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    Innovative Marine SR-120 NUVO with white high gloss stand

    Man!! I paid $4K for my 80 gal Nuvo and I didn't get all of those extras. I had allot of problems with the store that sold it to me. They took the reflectors off of my two light fixtures (got them back) I wonder what else they took? Guess I'd better called IM. By the way, that's a beautiful setup.
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    Is this water ok?

    I was using my RO water until I found that it was also hooked up to the water softener. I had a BIG algae bloom. Now I buy my water from a water store, and I use a little of my RO water to make algae. all of my algae disappeared, with my syphoning algae off of the rocks and using this water...
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    My hammer coral

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    First BTA

    I don't know if it's a female or male, but one of them scoots in and out of the nem. That's a start.
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    First BTA

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    Clownfish hosting with anemone

    Yep, you are right, clay pots stay still. I used them when my South American Cichlids were ready to spawn. YEARS AGO!!!
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    January 2015 TOTM!

    Gorgeous tank, I'm envious. :bow:
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    Baby snails maybe???

    I have all kinds of these little white round dots with antenna. They are about half the size of BB for a BB gun, or the size of a pellet for a 14 gauge shotgun. They are on my black back part of the tank and on the glass all over. I can knock them off very easily and they sink. I called my lfs...
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    Please help ID this new algae/bacteria growth ...

    I went through this not too long ago. I used about three feet of air hose and syphoned off about a gal. of water and algae every day for about 10 weeks. And now I don't have any algae and I am feeding the fish with Romaine Lettuce until I get some green algae back. I put some green in my tank...
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    salt weight vs mixed gallons

    I use a measuring cup/ not to the top of my last cup, about an 1/8th in. from the top of the third cup @1.025 using IO Reef Crystals.
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    Hawaiin Blue Puffer

    I hope you don't have any corals. I had one for about 3 months with no problems. Then one day I was checking my corals and someone was helping themselves to my corals. One minute later while I was looking right at it, it started eating a piece of coral. It is no longer in my tank. My lfs told...