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    New member

    Welcome to RS :swmfish:
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    new to reefing

    hi rogue30385 , welcome to RS :swmfish: :swmfish: :swmfish:
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    Photography 101 - Marine Tank Version

    thanks for the tutorial :thumber:
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    Neptune Apex on RSM 250???

    hi Malexiam, where to buy neptune apex? amazon?
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    Potential stings and poisons in our reef tanks!!

    interesting video, I learned a lot...thanks for shared...
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    Reefkeeping Dangers

    Great post NaH2O, thanks for shared about this. Absolutely help everyone :thumber:
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    Importance of dipping

    Great Blndbunny, thanks for your shared...:thumber:
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    Hi, my name is Ron and I am a Reef-a-holic

    hi i'm andan... A Reefaholic's Aquarium Stuff...
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    An introduction to using reef forums like this one

    Very great article for beginners. Thanks for this post..
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    So you want a tang?

    Great share craig, thanks...
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    I hate this hobby

    1 hate too, but :swmfish:
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    SW keeping in Europe - A Starters Guide

    Great share, thanks for guide :)
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    Need Advice - Fish/Coral Death What to do next?

    You can change the carbon filter whenever you choose to. In fact, it is not needed all that much. I have run my tanks without carbon for a month at a time, no big deal. If the water starts to look yellow or brown, it is time to change it and put in some fresh carbon.
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    RED SEA pimped to the MAX 130D

    its beautifule, like this.. thanks for share :swmfish: