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I'm sharing my recent/ongoing experience with a online order from Vivid Aquariums.

I found them after searching for pistol shrimp/watchman goby online and ultimately decided to order with because their site says that they quarantine your order for 4 days AFTER your order had been placed. They give you a call and inform you your order has been received and set up a shipping date.

I placed a order for 2 different single head zoa frags, a yellow watchman goby and a banden pistol shrimp.

After I placed my order I turned on a movie and started to doze off. After about 3 hours after placing my order I got a call from vivid aquariums. I thought they called to inform me they got my order and would start the quarantine tomorrow and then they would ship after they completed the 4 days. I hung up and went back to sleep.... i wake up to recive tracking information on my order from vivid aquariums. Confused I called and questioned them as to why my order went out, seeing as their website clearly says they quarantine orders AFTER they have been placed.

Since they had already been shipped there wasnt much more that I could do than to say okay. The order came the next day in the early am. Upon opening the order everything looked good, except the goby. He was really skinny and really dark....I figured maybe just stressed from the trip. So like all my fish I did a acclimation that was in total around 2 hours, float etc. Upon putting him in my quarantine tank he went directly into the only rock in that tank. I fed a few small pellets but he never left the rock.

I woke up the next morning and first thing was i went to check on the quarantine tank and discovered the goby was sadly passed away. I contacted vivid aquariums and their response was to question my acclimation process and say they arent sure why I did it like that and that they would this 1 time grant an exception and grant me a store credit of 20.99... the cost of the goby was 24.99 so I'm not sure why they came up with the 20.99

I'm sharing my experience because I'm curious if anybody else has had a similar experience or is this the normal for them?

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