Questionable new members


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I have noticed recently that a lot of the new members that show up on the home page have a logo/avatar that seems to be a commercial or other nonreef related web site. As of this post I see about 6 of them. Note also that none of these new members have made a post. In my opinion these looks like these people are trying to sneak in to push some product or service, or they may be possible malware.

While I always like to see new members, this sort of new member seems to be something I'd not want to see here.

Perhaps something more needs to go into the registration process.



JoePa lives on!!!
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Hey Dave, I can’t do much about changes to the registration process, maybe Travis can, but I’ve been spam cleaning them as they get flagged. Reactive yes but it’s my only recourse now.

To all members, please report any suspicious posts!