My fish are dying…


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Hello there.

I’m really into building a fish tank with reef so I started building one right away after saving up. But the thing is, I have a bad record of raising fish, they all eventually died. And now it happens again. I’m sure their environment and food are well-checked. Does that mean I simply cannot raise fish?


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A reef system can be very complex and it is more difficult than a typical FW system, however it's far from impossible.

Tell us a little about your system and I'm sure the people here can help. Please add anything else you think might be an issue.
How large is your tank?
What kind of filtration and/or skimming are you using?
What lighting are you using? Include how long you have it on.
What kind and amount of substrata are you using? (if any)
How much live rock do you have in the system?
How did you cycle the system?
What fish and other livestock did you try to keep? include the clean up crew.
What are your water parameters? Please include exact readings. What seems ok to you might indicate an issue to someone else.
Did you use and additives, medications, or supplements?

That will get things started. It's likely we may have additional questions.
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