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    Fleece Roller Filters and Red Sea v3 Sump

    I hate filter socks so In my new sump, I’m sockless. It’s big enough that the detritus settles and the skimmer gets first crack at it. I just do water changes through the sump where I vacuum it out. Now for your question, I love the idea of them but I hear they jam so I’m assuming they need to...
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    HELP! Strange measurements in my water chemistry.

    You can absolutely do a 100% change......especially in a fish only tank. Now if it were me, I’d do a few, 40-50% changes because it’s easier.
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    Fleece Roller Filters and Red Sea v3 Sump

    Well welcome back!!
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    Douglas's Reefer 525XL Mixed Reef

    Looks great. Whatcha got for a clean up crew in there?
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    Highly's Red Sea Max 400 Mixed Reef

    Well I’m hoping this won’t be the case but you may have problems with your tank going forward. Your rocks and sand all likely absorbed the copper and that can have bad effects on corals and inverts for years to come. Continue to run carbon but I bet if you sent out an ICP test, you’d see...
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    Highly's Red Sea Max 400 Mixed Reef

    Nice update and the tank looks good. What copper medication did you use in the tank?
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    Highly's Red Sea Max 400 Mixed Reef

    I’d love to see an update. Takes are working but even when I’m busy I enjoy the mindless nature of it. Just do water changes, that really helps! I took 5 years off but now I’m back in for good!
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    Weird looking anemone

    Can you describe the tank equipment and what your latest, full parameters look like?
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    Pancho’s Reef S-500 Roller Coaster

    My Radions I believe run a small wattage lunar light for about 3 hours at night then it goes off so what you’re doing sounds like it’s in line. Looks like the zoo trip was fun!!
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    Starting 40 gallon

    Do you have a skimmer at all?
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    Starting 40 gallon

    Cool. Have you cycled it?
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    Blue's 40G Mixed Reef

    I’ve been limping mine along too but not enough demand for my 8” AE calcium reactor yet lol. Bit overkill. Prob should have save the money
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    New coral

    Yeah the hammer should extend a little more. Make sure you know what you want with that gsp as well, once it starts growing it can grow aggressively through your tank. They are good beginner corals for sure.
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    A Picture A Day......

    He’s a she, finkle is Einhorn?
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    Blue's 40G Mixed Reef

    I switched to fritz rpm and I’m getting some unfavorable cyano. Can’t wait to get TMP again