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    Dragon Rocks For Sale

    Good luck with your sale!!
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    Blue's 180 Mixed Reef

    That’s great news!!! I rented a uhaul van when I got mine, just worked out easier with the space unless you have an 8’ truck bed. Packaging is usually pretty bulky
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    GlennF's reefing heaven!

    Colors are awesome!
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    Blue's 180 Mixed Reef

    Ha I hear you and 70 days is a long time, I’m playing Monday morning QB here!! I love sand wrasses too much to not have sand.
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    Blue's 180 Mixed Reef

    Outstanding!!! Remind me again of what you’re doing for rock? If I did mine over again I’d get the tank running with water, get KP aquatics rock, shipped in water right to the airport, drop it in tank and add CUC, let it fallow for 76 days to burn out any disease and pick out the hitchhikers...
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    Not too bad actually as I’ve been doing the water changes but I need to give the carx a good cleaning and refill
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    A Picture A Day......

    One day this guy just lost an arm but it looks like it’s healing!
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    Moving back into reef season soon, summer is drying up, literally!
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    Nobby's S-650

    That’s great, will be awaiting photos!!
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    PSU’s Peninsula

    Reef spooning
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to RS! Tell us about your tank?
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    GlennF's reefing heaven!

    That is a really nice recovery!!! Tank looks great for sure! Mine is starting to reach a real nice stability, think the calcium reactor is finally dialed in:
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    You need to drop those po4 levels. What is your water charge cadence and water source?
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    Shaun's 2000 Litre (530 USG) Living Reef & Red Sea Max S 650 LED Design & Build

    I’m running the aquarium engineering calcium reactor and it’s a similar type but seem to wire good once up and running. Have you ever looked into that?
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    Blue's 180 Mixed Reef

    I got one of the Panasonic ones, does like 1k sqft and it was under 1k but I installed myself